From Simply Delicious to Sensational!

If the Mesa Street Grill was located in a high rise hotel you would never have to take one step outside to have an incredible dining or entertainment experience. The best dining, bar and musical venue on the Westside... keeps getting better.

The management and staff at the Mesa Street Grill will bends over backwards to insure that their promise... that your expectations will be surpassed... is kept.
Lobster salad for lunch or appetizer.     Photo: Brax-VPC

Fine dining is the specialty of the house at the Mesa Street Grill. Come by for lunch or dinner... or later, and enjoy their seasonal masterpieces and magnificent steaks in an elegant yet comfortable and unpretentious setting. But, don't be surprised if the chefs have re-created one of your favorites so that it will be sure to please... again.

At the Mesa Street Grill, your satisfaction is the most important item on the menu. You may even have the most fabulous meal at the bar or at the patio; however, the mood dictates.



Late romantic dinner for two.     Photo: Brax-VPC

It is this pursuit of excellence at the Mesa Street Grill that transforms even the most common request... like a hamburger... into a most memorable dining experience.


So let your imagination start there and run wild. The Mesa Street Grill will keep up. In fact, they will probably pleasantly surprise you.

Enjoy a classic bar experience with friends listening to music or enjoying your favorite team with plenty of TVs surrounding you to make you feel like your at a sports bar. You won't have to wait for someone to greet you and quicly serve up your favorite beverage to quench you thirst.
Hittory Trio on the Patio.     Photo: Brax-VPC
The outside patio is both classy and cozy, the area with a water wall adding to the special ambiance. There are always great talented groups appearing for your listening pleasure. The patio is open year round with climate control during the winter making the experience that much more enjoyable.

That's three different yet integrated settings for you and your friends to explore your preferences and be pleasantly surprised each and every time. Go with your favorite, try something new and exciting or combine the two.

2525 N. Mesa in Kern Place near UTEP.


Kitchen: Open  11am Mon-Fri & 12pm Sat-Sun * Close 10p or 11p
Bar:        Open   11am Mon-Fri & 12pm Sat-Sun * Close 2a Fri-Sat


Mesa Street Grill - Bar & Club Section    

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