Vol.   6.5.1    May   2009

John Cook et. al. have put the brakes on the Public Health Department alerting residents of the area to be extra careful this year with mosquitoes and their disease - West Nile Virus.

It's over a month until the Fourth of July but, that didn't stop Mother Nature

The ultimate sacrifice has been offered by nearly one million men and women since our countries birth.

Record low turnout left many polling stations near empty.

It's true that the valley and the Rio provide greenspace, lawns, orchards and flowers... but, the desert has its own remarkable beauties.

The few swimming pools in the Upper Valley will be full this Memorial Day with the celebration of the coming of summer.

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Mark Nash's empire collapses after ICE raid.

Ropin' steers is always a true gauge of a true cowboy.

The non-native "weed", the Salt Cedar brings some gifts while sucking up tons of water.

Water from an above average snow melt in 2007 and 2008 means water for area farmers.

Falling copper prices along with a global recession means that ASARCO is throwing in the towel.

Kelly Leak, a California‐based Runaway Groom colt ridden by Roswell native Mike Smith, won the Sunland Derby.

We found some more Westside poppies that hug the western slopes of the Frankin Mountains.

The R & R has become the place to party in the Santa Teresa area of the Upper Valley.

The recently completed Sunland Park Bridge a continuation of El Paso's Sunland Park Drive was shut down for repair.

Miliary vehicles were being transported along the side of Mt. Cristo Rey.

Not content with their district crown the This unique gift and novelty shop was located in a historical adobe in the Upper Valley.

Catapulted into Mexico’s First Division, Ciudad Juarez’s Indios soccer team is hot.

Maybe if the fans just keep in mind who the Miners are and not expect them to win against the best teams in the country... they might win the close ones.

Hey! We can read too. Send us your thoughts, suggestions, praise, complaints... heck, just vent if you need to. We feel your pain.

Spring Brings New Born to Upper Valley

While the developers have desemated the Upper Valley for horse riding; a new bunch of colts and phillies came into the world this spring.

The Canutillo Softball team won the Bi-District Championship after winning a share of the District 1-4A Crown.

A Coronado freshman was the victim of random or collateral violence in Cd. Juarez.
Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

The Indios Professional Soccer team from Cd. Juarez beat the No. 1 seeded Pachuca team 3-2 but Pachuca advances on a 4-3 total goal margin.
Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Some drank Dos XX's, Tecate, Margaritas and Corona as they listened to the Mariachi Band.

The Official start of Summer in the Upper Valley began with a roaring party. La Viña's festival had perfect weather for the third straight event.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Grand opening unveils huge practice facility for UTEP basketball practice and training.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

With the world economy having to reassess marketing and investment. Copenhagen Imports insures that their clients obtain long term comfort and lifestyle value.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

With proper plannning and a little TLC you too could have nearly 7-months of fabulous color... even in the Upper Valley.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

The skies of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico were filled with toxic smoke and fumes as the MCS (ex-Zenith) plant near the city’s airport was allowed to burn due to exteme danger.

With the new O'Hagan's Irish Pub and the ever traditional Cincinatti Bar & Grill St. Patty's Day celebration was going very strong... then we hit Erin's Pub.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

While we live in an arid desert reagion the fertile Rio Grande valley provides a change of pace and color. The few fruit orchards left in the valley offer wonderful and fragrant vistas.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Magic Pan Restaurant shows off great lunch delight.

Photo Brax - Valley Publishing Company

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