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With all of the rain it is of concern that the El Paso Public Health Department has not pushed for more prevention and eradication of mosquitoes. Residents of the area have to be extra careful this year with mosquitoes and their disease - West Nile Virus.

The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts hosted their 87th annual Santa Fe Indian Art Market with an avalance of incredible craftsmanship, creativity and inspiration

Preview of our interview with the "CEO" of UTEP sports and its future.

Tennis West Sports and Racquet Club in the Upper Valley was the site of all the action.

The little pansy can put up with 'Ol Man Winter and keep on ticking.

Mother Nature is not cooperating with those who said that our region would be in a drought.

Fireworks displays and personal use of firecrackers make this day special.

The ultimate sacrifice has been offered by nearly one million men and women since our countries birth.

As part of the Memorial Day celebrations. The KLAQ Hot Air Balloon Festival is a colorful and exciting event.

Keep up with all of El Paso's Westside stories: news, sports, issues at www.WestsideReader.com.

Mark Nash's empire collapses after ICE raid.

The non-native "weed", the Salt Cedar brings some gifts while sucking up tons of water.

Water from an above average snow melt in 2007 and 2008 means water for area farmers.

Traffic patterns have changed with the growth in the Upper Valley and Spring brings multiple coveys of cyclists along the major thoroughfares and also the back roads.

The R & R has become the place to party in the Santa Teresa area of the Upper Valley.

The value of a ton of Catapulted into Mexico’s First Division, Ciudad Juarez’s Indios soccer team is hot.

Hey! We can read too. Send us your thoughts, suggestions, praise, complaints... heck, just vent if you need to. We feel your pain.

Horse Riding in the Valley.

There is nothing more country or valley than riding or watching a rider and their horse slowly walk along the canal roads the rise above the fields.

Music is still motivating the youth of America.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

What a refreshing experience to see that a restaurant is actually geared to make people have a wonderful dining experience... not just the taste but the service and enjoyment.

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Regardless of where you find it, cool water in the summer is splashing good fun and besides is "Totally Kool".

While the developers have fought hard to decimate the character of the Upper Valley there still were a bunch colts and phillies born into the world to carry on the tradition.

Only the June moon is so low on the horizon to rise over the Lower Valley.

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The wine festival was held on the Memorial Day weekend and Sunday there were long, long lines... for free wine.

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The El Paso Symphony Youth Orchestras dazzled the crowd at the Plaza Theatre, June 1, 2008 and featured Robert Paacios clarinet winner of 2007-08 EPSYOs concerto competition.
Photo: Brax-Valley Publishing Company

The Indios Professional Soccer team from Cd. Juarez beat the No. 1 seeded Pachuca team 3-2 but Pachuca advances on a 4-3 total goal margin.
Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Some drank Dos XX's, Tecate, Margaritas and Corona as they listened to the Mariachi Band.

With the world economy having to reassess marketing and investment. Copenhagen Imports insures that their clients obtain long term comfort and lifestyle value.

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Having the bad luck of his studio being destroyed by fire and damaged by water; Rakocy has patched, rebuilt or renovated his Upper Valley art studio once again.
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Giant of civil rights reform honored with Lifetime Achievement Award. See the EXCLUSIVE at Westside Reader.

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