Vol.   7.1.1    January   2010

A mamouth snow and ice storn blankete the southern plains and parts of northern New Mexico but left us with plenty of rain and a few flakes.

The UTEP Miners were 5-0 until they hosted their already beaten victim the NMSU Aggies.

With New Mexico Soccer season completed; Coronado and Franklin keep the stadium warm even as it is cool outside.

While Westside rivals Coronado and Franklin battle each other for bragging rights Santa Teresa, Gadsden, Anthony and Canutillo all are fighting for playoff...

The little pansy can put up with 'Ol Man Winter and keep on ticking. Pansies survive bitter cold Upper Valley mornings thanks to tents of plastic.

Parade, Pep Rally... Celebration!!! A Virtual Tour. 2009 was another roller-coaster football season for the UTEP Miner's; but, the shootout...

Cincinnati Bar crowd comfy at the bar while things pick up.

Cold air means hot goes up faster and travels farther. That is whay hot air balloonist live for.

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Mark Nash's empire collapses after ICE raid.

There are plenty of team emblems evident on the Westside. Which one is most common.

The little pansy can put up with 'Ol Man Winter and keep on ticking.

The R & R has become the place to party in the Santa Teresa area of the Upper Valley.

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North American Cycling Documentary/Adventure.

Documentary's North American team resting after buying some provisions in El Paso at Walmart before heading south into Mexico.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

For the soon to be fourth year in a row top college football seniors will be showing their wares before a flock of NFL scouts and an appreciative EP crowd.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

The New Shanghai Circus "Cirque de Chine" comes to the Plaza Theatre featuring acrobats, dancers, jugglers and costumes to dazzle the senses.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Early or late... Mardi Gras is always a great P-A-R-T-Y time on the Westside and Upper Valley.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

What a refreshing experience to see that a restaurant is actually geared to make people have a wonderful dining experience... not just the taste but the service and enjoyment.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Upper Valley and Westside Bars host many reunions for the Thanksgiving Weekend.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company
The El Paso Symphony Youth Orchestras dazzled the crowd at the Plaza Theatre, June 1, 2008 and featured Robert Paacios clarinet winner of 2007-08 EPSYOs concerto competition.
Photo: Brax-Valley Publishing Company

Chefs from around the region will be showing off their creations of delicious entres and desserts.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Magic Pan Restaurant shows off great lunch delight.

Photo Brax - Valley Publishing Company

With the world economy having to reassess marketing and investment. Copenhagen Imports insures that their clients obtain long term comfort and lifestyle value.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company
Having the bad luck of his studio being destroyed by fire and damaged by water; Rakocy has patched, rebuilt or renovated his Upper Valley art studio once again.
Photo: File - Valley Publishing Company

Giant of civil rights reform honored with Lifetime Achievement Award. See the EXCLUSIVE at Westside Reader.

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