Vol. 7.4.1   Sept.   12,   2010
Canutillo defense flew to the ball to shut down the Panther attack.   Photo: Brax - VPC
Canutillo Eagles Let Fly Against Gadsden Panthers.
Get First Win of Season - 39-8.
Canutillo Eagle sensational running back Shane King as he romps outside left for 46-yards against the Gadsden Panthers.
Photo: Brax - VPC

F from the start, it looked bad for the Gadsden Panthers. The main reason was that the Canutillo Eagles, ever the district 2-4A threat, had been playing with the big boys... Coronado Thunderbirds and the Carlsbad Cavemen... sounds scary right?... and had lost two close games. And there is one thing that the Eagles don't like... and that's losing a football game. And what they really don't like is being 0-2. So when the historic but, undermaned Upper Valley Gadsden Panthers showed up on their doorstep on Septembe 7, 2010 and asked... "Hey! Want to play some FOOTBALL"? the Eagles just smiled and licked their chops and said... "Sure... haha... Why not."

Before we get too graphic... to protect our readers, let's just say that the Canutillo Eagles finally got on the winning path against their old Upper Valley rival. There, nice and vanilla. Keep reading for the real story.
Canutillo Eagle QB Nick Wade going in for a first quarter score.
Photo: Brax - VPC

Well, you can imagine the rest. Just like in the cartoons this game was a class "A" beatdown of the caliber of the Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote. It started from the very first whistle. Before even four minutes had run off the clock Canutllo was up 7-0 as Eagle QB Nick Wade scored on a 6-yard run capping a nice opening possession drive.

And almost as if asking... "Are you guys sure you want to keep playing..." the Eagles then unleashed their sensational running back, Shane King, and the Panthers were looking like Coyote when he knows that the anvil is about to land on his head.

Uhhh Oooohhhh.

Ooooooooccchhhhhhh... that's going to leave a mark.
Canutillo Eagle sensational running back Shane King tacking on another... his third... touchdown of 32-yards as he pulls away from the Panther defense.
Photo: Brax - VPC

King scored on two long rushing touchdowns before the first quarter was even over. King scored on a 36-yard run barely two minutes after Wade's TD and then added another for good measure... this one a 46-yard run with 1:57 still on the clock in the first quarter.

King would tack on anothe touchdown... this one another long run of 32-yards in the second quarter before head coach Scott Brooks would pull the Eagle first-team players with the score 36-0.
Canutillo Eagle cheeleaders having a good time at Julius and Irene Lowenberg Memorial Stadium.
Photo: Brax - VPC

Gadsden would score a touchdown... a five yard run in the third quarter by Minton who then scored the two-point conversion to make it 36-8.

You would think that the Canutillo fans would have filled the stadium for this great home game... but, there were plenty empty seats... hmmm, Canutillo fans were not thinking that an 0-2 start meant that the Eagles were not a good team were they????? Bad fans.

Prepared by UVB staff.

(Photos: Brax - Valley Publishing Company)

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Photos: Brax - VPC

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