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After days of teasing and taunting the rain clouds snuck into town after midnight to drench the area with 1-2 inches of rain.

Now celebrating the 30th year of making the biggest enchilada in the world.

And with Violinist Lisitiza the Plaza Theatre will once again provide the harmonics for a level of refinement and classical taste that is unique to the Plaza and EPSO.

In 2008 NMSU won it's first game of the season under then head coach Hal Mumme with UTEP's Trevor Vitatoe leaving the game due to injury. Last year the Miners...

Aggies lose home opener against Aztecs while showing some promise for games to come.

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The El Paso Tigers were on a roll and made it three wins in a row in a fast paced game at Santa Teresa.

Mexico's Bicentenial celebrated in the plaza at Old Mesilla which has much history surrounding the Mexican Revolution.

It is often said that a family that "Restores cars together... stays together." In this case it seems to work and Mike is only 14 years old.

The Miners upset then #12 Houston last year during Homecoming at the Sun Bowl... The Cougars remembered and mauled the Miners.

Our Lady of the Refuge's Bazaar in La Union, New Mexico will be hosting their annual bazaar with games, music, food and later dancing. A real slice of Southwestern history.

Temperatures continue to play in the 90's and kids and adults alike can't stay out of the water.

A devastating T-Bone accident at Artcraft and Westside sends drivers to the hospital. Residents wonder if the sign place at the intersection by a restaurant in La Union, New Mexico was to blame.

Fields that have lain fallow will be getting prepared for the Upper Valley's winter crosp. Lettuce and onions are two of the primary winter crops.

As the city continues to grow and the old farms are sold to developers a clash of two cultures ensues.

Hurricane Hermine glances off of the northeastern coast of Mexico for a direct hit on South Texas. Alice, Texas received 2.5 inches of rain on Septemer 17th.

Thousands of area residents may have been infected with West Nile Virus. Officially, though, only 17 cases as of September 17, 2010 are confirmed.

Jews in the area begin to celebrate the Day of Atonement and pray for forgiveness.

This two-day festival of the Jewish New Year.

At the end of the 30-day fasting Muslims celebrate with "The Festival of Fast-Breaking."

Keep up with all of El Paso's Westside stories: news, sports, issues at www.WestsideReader.com.

Canutillo Eagles Let Fly Beat Gadsden.

The Canutillo Eagles finally got on the winning path against their old Upper Valley rival.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

From the opening bell it was an exhilarating tempo for Miner fans and one for despair by the Aggies.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

The Upper Valley and the Westside will once again pit ome Texas heavy-weights for office but also local terms... Justice of the Peace Precinct 7 and Commissioner District 4. For more on the matches and interviews...

Image: Valley Publishing Company

Still a favorite with loyal fans and newcomers the Saturday Farmer's Market is a hit.

Photo: Brax/Valley Publishing Company

It had been a while... the University of NY at Buffalo was supposed to be the easy season opener in 2008 & 2009... but those got us 0-2.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

From the oldest high school in the valley, Gadsden to Canutillo and Anthony to the newest member Santa Teresa... the cheerleading traditions live on...

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Both the Franklin Cougars and the Coronado Thunderbirds are playing tough traditional Texas High School football powerhouses... and winning...

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Thousands of area kids and adults too will get a great taste of the beauty and nature of the Franklin Mountains... with many activities and booths.

Image: File-Valley Publishing Company

19th Annual colors on white spectacular. Sept. 18-19.

Photo: File - Valley Publishing Company

The Queen of the Valley dining in Santa Fe style... a whole different ambiance.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

To many it's just a plant... to the valley it is the aging King.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Heavy rains have been frequent... and thankfully not all in one week... still the Rio Grande has been pushed to capacity.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Plenty of night time lightshows from the vantage point of the Upper Valley.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

Rains have played havoc with the hay farmers. The cut hay has to be left in the field to dry before it's bailed. If it rains... it could be ruined.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

For years the music lovers and party happy folks in the Upper Valley and Westside El Paso have made this watering hole their favorite.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

As the weather cools its time to get out and walk and enjoy the beauty of the full moon coming up over the Franklin Mountains.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

What a refreshing experience to see that a restaurant is actually geared to make people have a wonderful dining experience... not just the taste but the service and enjoyment.

Photo: Brax - Valley Publishing Company

With the world economy having to reassess marketing and investment. Copenhagen Imports insures that their clients obtain long term comfort and lifestyle value.

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