Vol. 7.5.1   October   14,   2010
Hat Trick! Republicans Win all 3 Westside Races.
El Paso's Upper Valley & Westside

Without the energy of the presidential race in '08 things settled back into the realm of ordinary... and all three Upper Valley and Westside races were won... either again... or taken back by Republicans.

Justice of the Peace - Precinct 7 (Incumbent).

Judge Bruce King kept his seat as JP # 7 for his 7th term. King has been the only JP the Upper Valley has ever known. That is 22-years now and counting. King used his tremendous name recognition added to the fact that the Democrats could not muster a strong candidate to oppose him and King won in a landslide. King started off with a 2-1 lead after Early Voting was counted. That came down predictably and the final count was a whopping 24% winning margin. King has indicated that he loves his job and entered the race many moons ago to do a "better job" than he had experienced first hand at a JP court. * Judge Bruce King - Endorsed by Upper Valley Beacon & Westside Reader

County Commissioner District 4 (Incumbent).

Commissioner Dan Haggerty had to run with out his brother's (former State Representative Pat Haggerty) one-two punch campaigning with him and actually spent some money... yes!, Haggerty actually spent a nickle on small billboards in the Upper Valley. His opponent was not a very strong campaigner or challenger and seemed to think the O'Bama coattails would be strong enought to get him into office. Servin had no activism or involvement in the Upper Valley or Westside. Haggerty was up by 20% to start and that dropped slightly to 11% for his 5th term now heading for 20-years as commissioner. * Commissioner Dan Haggerty - Endorsed by Upper Valley Beacon & Westside Reader

State Representative - District 79

Dee Margo finally won a race. The third time was a charm for Margo. After losing to both State Senator Eliot Shapleigh in 2006 and to now State Representative Joseph Moody in 2008; Margo squeeked out a slim 2% margin of victory for his first elected office. Margo turned this local race into an auction spending unheard of amounts of money... just as he did in 2006 & 2008... to finally win in an off election year and with the economy still suffering from the recession of 2007.

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