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Looking Through the tops of the corn field you can see the Franklin Mountains in the distance. It is so inspiring.

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Water... Water. We all need it. But who's got it? And why is it such a big issue as to "Who can deliver it?".

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Law Enforcement.Trying to keep the badge clean.

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Law Enforcement. Any room for rogue cops?
Getting Lost... Can Be a Good Thing!

Tired? Stressed out? Bored? In the ol' "There's nothing to do" mode? Well the Maze: at La Union is just the ticket to get you pumped up. Pumped up? Yes, that's from all the laughing you will be doing as you try your luck at the in's and out's of the 17-acre cornfield maze.

The air is fresh and what better way to get back to nature than to come on out to the Upper Valley and see the green fields, the trees just starting to turn to their autumn colors. And don't forget about the MAZE.
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Water Troubles Brewing in Upper Valley.

You've heard it before. "It's my water". "No, it's mine". Well, the water problems continue but in the case of the City of Sunland Park, Santa Teresa and Doña Ana County; the southern New Mexico desert is more about who gets to "GIVE" water away. Well, give it away, but for a price.

Both Sunland Park and Doña County want to provide water and sewage to the proposed development along the border between Santa Teresa, NM and San Jeronimo, Chihuahua, Mexico. Recent hearings were held in Las Cruces, NM ordered by Federal Magistrate Judge Karen B. Molzen, who also imposed a gag order.
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Burkett Wins Constable # 7 seat again.

After a nasty election campaign between William Burkett, the incumbent, and Gaspar Tarango the man he unseated four years ago; Burkett won his seat for another four years.

Will Burkett get his recent legal troubles behind him? That remains to be seen. Perhaps those issues will be dismissed or perhaps they will force a resignation.
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Felony Charges Pending for Candidate.

The position of Constable # 7, covers the Upper Valley and far Northwest El Paso. This race is currently being closely watched because their are claims being made by past Constable # 7, Gaspar Tarango, 67, who is running to take his old position back. Tarango was campaigning at the Early Voting site on N. Mesa, at the Promenade Center, and shows anyone who will stop and talk with him a copy of an El Paso Times story about the incumbent William Burkett, 42.

According to the story by Daniel Borunda, Burkett was arrested at the Stampede nightclub after alledgedly drinking and being asked to leave. The story says that Burkett, was arrested on a retaliation charge -- a third-degree felony-- after alledgedly threatening a police officer.
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