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Memorial Cross Erected. To honor the many victims, a name is attached to each nail.

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Valley Resident Get Above the Fog. Dave,34, stops to see the Sea of Fog Below.

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Arts Rise at New CHS! Out of the dust of the desert next to EPCC NW Campus; new Canutillo High School Takes Shape with emphasis on the Arts in the architectural design.

Photo courtesy Brax-Valley Publishing Co
Artcraft Road Disaster. Portable light towers were brought in to allow forensics teams to examine accident scene.

Photo courtesy Brax-Valley Publishing Co
Easy Riding! This young biker, J.D., was not too shy about posing as he joined his parents at "La Junta".
Letter from the Editor.

Violence against women must end. This past Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2004, marked the fifth anniversary of the United Nation's International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This day went largely unnoticed in the Upper Valley and in El Paso, Texas. Thanksgiving celebrations took top billing as we have so much to be thankful for; however, it is important to note that violence against women and children is so prevalent on the border and is preventable. Given that we have witnessed the incredible rise in women victims of violence in Cd. Juarez, we must not let this opportunity to educate all residents slip by another year.

Border Violence Not Just Aimed at Women.

by Sergio Chapa

An insightful analysis of the extreme dangerous conditions that Mexican and U.S. journalists must endure. For the small publication the risks are even higher. A recent Meeting of the Border brought journalist from all over North America to Nuevo Laredo, Mexcio to address this issue.

Rain, Snow and Fog... Again!

The El Niņo seems intent on bringing the Upper Valley a wintery wonderland this year. Already we have received much more rain than usual. El Paso reports that the rain gauge is about 3 higher than a usual reading at this time. Wow! Nearly 12 inches. In the Upper Valley the accumulation has been ever greater. The valley trees and plants are doing well and growing even stronger root systems. Read More...

New CHS Campus Rises Up... On Key!

After years of enduring a small high school campus on Bosque Road, the CISD Board realized that expansion was necessary due to the staggering amount of new students expected to flood the Upper Valley school system in the next few years.

The New Canutillo High School will be a state of the art educational facility. Additionally, for students seeking higher education, the new campus will be next to the present El Paso Community College Northwest Campus. This will allow for students taking classes at both facilities during the same semester to do so without having to drive to two campuses. Read More...

Car Looses Control on Artcraft.

A fast moving vehicle was heading east on Artcraft in the early morning hours. It was pitch black that night with only stars shining brightly. Just about half-way between Upper Valley Road and Westside Drive where Artcraft curves to the left suddenly, the driver either feel asleep or lost control.

Bikers Meet for Fellowship and Christ!

It wasn't your everyday church gathering. But on October 17, 2004 the Calvary Chapel was host to "La Junta"; a day of gathering for bikers throughout the Upper Valley and the Mesilla Valley. And you could hear the worshipers coming from miles away.

The once a year meeting is held to share Christian values and fellowship and is held at different locations annually.

There were lots of "bad" looking bikes and right next to it an inflatable play station for the kids. And inside the tent there was music. Rock music?

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