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Many Beached Fishing boats litter the beaches along the Indian Ocean.

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Old Stately Home shines brightly during the holidays.

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Snowy White Franklin Mountains rise up and shine adding to the Upper Valley Holiday Spirit.

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Rio Grande dries up as dams shut for winter.

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Roadside Memorial. For a beloved son who lost his life on Artcraft.

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Winter Sunset on West Mesa above valley farms.

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Lottery Winner Bought his winning ticket in the Upper Valley.
Opinion: Tsunami Relief Effort of Even Greater Magnitude..

The silver lining in the cloud of devastation left by the Tsunami is the incredible outpouring of support for the worldwide humanitarian effort.

This global relief effort is unparalleled and greater in mgnitude than the earthquake that spawned the tsunami.

Upper Valley Shines for Christmas.

Like a dazzling jewel, the Upper Valley shone like the stars above this Holiday Season. There were numerous motifs displayed including the luminarios which add a warmth to any scene. The rave was the miniature white and colored lights that draped many roof lines and trees.

Snow Blankets the Valley for the Night.

The bitter cold stretched from Canada through the rockies and plains states and into Northern Mexico. Along with it came the snow and that blanketed Southern New Mexico and West Texas two days before Christmas 2004. But it didn’t’ last long in the Upper Valley.

Long before the sun was too high in the sky; the farmland in the valley was suffering the fate of every snowman. Snow that covered the tips of cacti at sunrise were clear of any snow by early morning.

The only evidence that valley residents almost got their wish of a White Christmas was in the East. One look at the Franklin Mountains and the Organ Mountains and it was clear that the winter wonderland was still but a mile away.

EPIWD#1 Holds Public Hearing.

After being on drought restrictions and alert, Upper Valley farmers and all water users can breathe a "little" sigh of releif. According to the latest data from the Bureau of Reclamation, this years snow pack is a whopping 170% of normal, said Jesus Reyes, interim general manager of the district.

Mr. Reyes has called for a public hearing at the Canutillo Administrative Offices for Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 6:30 P.M. in order to discuss the upcoming years water useage. According to Mr. Reyes, water will start flowing in March and then April will again be without irrigation water until it flows in May.

El Niņo has brought much more moisture to the region this fall and winter and yet the reservoirs are still way below normal. As Mr. Reyes cautions, "we are not out of the woods just yet".

Sad Tribute to Lost Loved One.

It was late at night and the lone driver of a late model sedan left the right lane and onto the shoulder on Artcraft Road and then lost control of the vehicle. The car then rolled several times until it came to rest in crumpled heap of metal in the median water channel.

Joel Pando was the son of G. G. Pando in La Mesa, NM and was returning home. The family could not be reached for comment.
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Winter Brings a Unique Sunset to the Upper Valley.

The winter cold air squeezes the moisture into thin clouds and the winds blow them into feathers in the sky. Reds, yellows, oranges and maroons along with some lavender make for a breathtaking vista.
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Westsider Wins a Piece of Powerball Prize.

Stanley Peņa stopped off at the Cigarette Store in the Upper Valley. Just east of the Sunland Park city limits on Country Club Road; the store is a favorite place for both Texans and New Mexicans to buy Powerball tickets. He purchased several tickets and he beat the odds.

Mr. Peņa won a share of the Powerball lottery by picking 5 of 6 numbers. That turned into $100,000 but because he added a multiplier his total winnings were $400,000 or about a quarter of a million take home.

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