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Flag of Iraq. Elections one step toward Freedom.

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Route of New Road? McNutt to Redd Road.

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Artcraft Road Deadly curve takes another life.

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Precinct # 7. Justice of Peace in Upper Valley.

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"Feudal System" Still alive in the Upper Valley.

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Tsunami Relief Effort along Rio Grande Park.

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One Last Magnificent Display at the End of an Upper Valley Day.

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Free Flying Balloon. Ameriquest Mortgage Company's blimp.

Opinion: Iraqi Voters More Democratic than US?

Under foreign occupation, threat by terroist and a really mixed-up election process; Iraqi voters showed us just how valuable is the vote.

Upper Valley voters need to take voting as serious as the Iraquis?

Gomez Road Bridge Still Possible?

Nearly two years have passed since Susan Austin won a seat on the El Paso City Council and the path of destruction has yet to be completed. Farm land has been torn up, the water rights stripped so that nothing can grow on it again. Still there is the issue of the Gomez Road Bridge which Upper Valley residents opposed and won. Or did they?

Artcraft Curve the Site of More Deaths.

As we reported in November, Joel Pando, 24, lost his life in a single car accident on the curve on Artcraft Road. Recently, police were busy again late evening. Eurgenio Campa, 22, became another fatality.

Constable # 7 William Burkett Indicted on Felony.

As we reported in early November, Willam Burkett, 42, Constable Precinct # 7 (Upper Valley) was alledgedly involved in an altercation last April at the Stampede Night Club. Burkett and an El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Graham, 35, who was arrested for resisting arrest, were alledgedly drinking and causing problems.

Burkett claimed that he was injured during the altercation with police and was escorted by police as he was taken to an area hospital by ambulance where he alledgedly threatened police, a Class 3-Felony.

Valley Poor Endure Harsh Winter.

Things never change… or do they? You would think that the feudal system that maintained the line between rich and poor in the Middle Ages would have died out. At that time non-royals were nothing more than peasants, slaves, or those who provided service to the royalty.

Jump ahead 500 years and the name has changed but the conditions are very similar. In the Upper Valley, just as in the Braceros Program in the 1950's and 60's where legal imigration of Mexican farm laborers allowed for sub-human conditions; today some of the Upper Valley residents live the same or worse. But now, these are not farm workers; they pay rent for a shack or travel trailer without toilet, water or heat.

Keep Thinking Snow.... Rain.

The meeting of El Paso County Water Improvement Dirstrict #1 was attended by nearly 50 persons on Thursday, January 13, 2005.

As we have reported since November, El Niño, the weather phenomenon in the South Pacific, is stronger than first thought and will continue to bring moisture into the desert southwest.

There are numerous indicators (snow pack, drought forecasts, etc.) that we will be compiling to present a comprehensive quick-view of the Rio Grande water status for both El Paso County Water Improvement Dirstrict #1 and Elephant Butte Water District Upper Valley water users. Remember, it takes more than one wet year to replenish the area lakes, ground tables and surface soil.
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Rio Grande the Site for Tsunami Relief.

The Upper Valley pitched in recently as Canutillo Elementary School faculty and students along with valley residents collected more than $1,700 for the Tsunami Relief Fund. A Saturday morning walkathon along the Rio Grande River Park was the main fundraiser.
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Eastside or Westside. Who gets the Best Sunsets.

People on the westside of the Franklin Mountains know how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the incredible show that Mother Nature puts on for us each evening. Winter sunsets can be very abstract and surreal.
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Flying Low from El Paso to Santa Teresa.

Not over the Franklin Mountains, the commercial blimps fly up the valley from east of Mt. Chriso Rey along the river up to the Santa Teresa Airport. Seen from a far as a small image over downtown Upper Valley residents can see the blimps get bigger and bigger until you can almost touch them.
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