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Dollar General Coming Soon to Upper Valley.

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Susan Austin Hopes for four more years as City Rep. # 1.

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Gomez Bridge Still possible within ten years.

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New CHS on schedule.

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Starting trees for planned new home.

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Artcraft Curve takes another car.

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Rio Grande to be full soon as farmers get ready.

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Upscale Restaurant closes its doors.

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February Sunset in Upper Valley... Unique.
Opinion: Development in Upper Valley Way Off.

The recent development of the Upper Valley over stiff opposition by residents lays at the feet of City Hall in El Paso, Texas. City Council Representatives have overruled the El Paso Planning Commission and residents. Initially high-density was approved without residents even being aware of it. Now Dollar Gereral is coming according to the sign posted on what was previously farmland.

City Representative Seeks Second Term.

Susan Austin, has thrown her hat back into the ring and is seeking another term as El Paso's Westside/Upper Valley Rep. District #1.

Amid the recent development of the Upper Valley and a strip mall planned for the corner of Upper Valley Road and Artcraft; Austin faces support as well as strong opposition. The recent announcement that a "Dollar General" thrift store will open in the strip mall has many residents shake their head in disbelief. During the zoning wars Austin had talked about nice restaurants and residents had expected some covenances to restrict incompatible commercial development. Austin was instrumental in obtaining City Council approval of more commerical land while overruling the Planning Commission's veto of the plan.

Planned Gomez Road Bridge Not 100% Dead.

Recent deletion of the Gomez Road Bridge from the MPO plans had given residents a false sense of security. Discussions with MPO exectuive staff and Board Members indicate that the extension and bridge can be placed back on the agenda if population demands change.

New Canutillo High School is Source of Pride.

The construction of the new Canutillo High School is now over 2/3 completed and "on schedule”, according to Fred Seibert, project manager for Banes Co. The new stuctures now visible from the valley are the stadium and fieldhouse. The classrooms can be seen from I-10.

New Orchard Growing in the Upper Valley.

Fruit trees and pecans are the first residents of a new orchard planted by Mohammad Tavakoli. Also, palm and pine trees are growing to be transplanted when the house, which is being designed, is ready.

Artcraft Curve Site of Accident.

The night was distrubed by the crash of another vehicle attempting to negotiate the curve on Artcraft Hiway. East bound traffic had to be diverted between Westside Drive and Upper Valley Road.

Water Users Ready for March Release.

Thanks to El Niño there will be alot more water for area farmers and yards in the Upper Valley this year. There won't be any water restrictions in place by the City of El Paso. Farmers will get water in the Upper Valley around March 15, 2005. Farmers will wait for final allotment depending on the snow melt and runoff this May and June.

Mr. Chuy Reyes, General Manager EPCWID #1 has indicated that the water allotment will start out initially at 18-inches. That will be increased in June to reflect the new data from runoff possibly over 3-acre feet. Mr. Eslinger, General Manager of the EBWD has authorized 6-inches to start and more later...."hopefully 24 inces".

Snow pack for 2004-2005 is about 130%-160% over average years, however, the total is over 200% above what is recieved in drought years. Drought predictions for the spring are optomistic, showing our area and northern New Mexico to keep improving. However, conservation is still key. We hope El Niño will stay with us.

Dos Señoritas Closes Doors Quickly.

The hopes for another up-scale restaurant in the Upper Valley came to a halt as the resurrection of the historic Griggs site was short lived.

Raining Weather Sunset.

The temperature is rising and with all the rain the moisture level is still high. As the sun sets the cooling temperature gives the clouds one last dose of moisture. Here the blue clouds get a touch of tangerine and violet. And in an instant... it is all gone. Enlarge Photo

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