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Ann Morgan Lilly

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DIST. 1 Ric Schecter

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Beto O'Rourke

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Jemez Gov. Toledo

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Justice & Freedom?

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Life Savers.

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Spring Sunset
Opinion: The Pope's Message of Peace Must Go On.

The passing of John Paul II on Saturday ends the life of a great man of peace. But his energy and message of peace, forgiveness, sharing and the sacredness of life will go on. We must heed ALL the message to alter the course of humanity now set on greed, denial and war. Read More...

Opinion: Westside Voters Must Be Fully Informed.

The Upper Valley must have representation that protects the neighborhoods and the greenbelt. The Upper Valley is a treasure for all the region and must be revitalized. Voters in District # 1 and # 8 must examine all candidates based upon this criteria. Vote! Informed! Read More...

Interview: Ann Morgan Lilly, Candidate EP # 1.

Ann Lilly is a political newcomer and is reaching beyond her Rim Area Neighborhood Association to bring all District # 1 residents a person who will listen and work out solutions to the problems.

Ms. Lilly has a vision of what El Paso and specifically the Westside/Upper Valley can be.... again. Her family held office in El Paso during its heydays and she is concerned about El Paso's decline of quality of life.

Negative "Ad" Targets Ric Schecter

It seemed very suspicious. As we indicated last edition; Ric Schecter, Candidate District # 1 was the target of a negative campaign attack editorial by Martin Paredas in the El Paso Tribune. At the same time Paredas ran a "featured article" which turned out to be nothing more than a free ad, allowing Schector's opponent Roy Gray to "publish" his own campaign speech. Was this by coincidence? We didn't think so.

Cobos a NO!-Show at District # 8 Forum.

District # 8 candidates were invited to a WEPVF forum March 26th. Candidate Beto O'Rourke did show up to speak with voters. April 9th- District # 1 forum at Ay Carambas (formerly Leo's). Be there.

Proposed Anthony Casino Promises Too Much.

Are Upper Valley residents being made to swallow the the proposed Anthony Casino project as a sweet deal? The promises being made in the name of "fact" include a spoonful of sugar. This project is not going to be a Win-Win for everyone. There will be losers... lots of them. Read More...

Temperature Dips Below Freezing... Again.

The Fall/Winter of 2004-2005 has been one of great diversity and abundance. Therefore, it wasn't too much of a surprise to see the temperature in the Upper Valley fall below freezing in late March. Northern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado received new snow.

CHS Plant Sale was a Blooming Success.

Keeley Leigh Muncrief, Agriculture/Horticulture instructor at CHS, said that they sold nearly $2000 worth of plants. The profits, $350.00, will go toward enhancing the program for professional horticulturist and research.

Traffic Accidents Numerous When Once Rare.

A two-vehicle accident accident occured at the corner of Upper Valley Road and West Borderland Road recently. The driver of a 1995 GMC truck was struck while driving west on West Borderland Road. Read More...

Vehicle Plunges into Full Irrigation Canal.

An unusual accident occured at the corner of Westside Drive and West Borderland Road. The Chevy Tahoo SUV was being driven west on W. Borderland Road when it veered off the road into the canal. The El Paso Fire Department rescue team was on the scene to assist. Read More...

Spring Sunset Ablaze.

The wonderful winter sunsets have ended and we begin to see our more familiar warm glow sunsets. What makes the difference is the cloud formation and textures. Enlarge Photo

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