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Col. Roy Gray

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DIST. 1 Forum

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O'hara Road Site

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Winstar Race Day

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Rio Grande Full

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Flames & Smoke

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Driver Assisted.

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Spring Sunset
Opinion: Ric Schecter is Best Bet for District # 1

Incumbent Susan Austin dodged a bullet when a Recall-Susan campaign was sidetracked within the first 6 months of her first term. Now it is time for a change. The Upper Valley needs Ric Schecter. Read More...

Opinion: Austin Runs From Interview.

It was supposed to be an interview. Susan Austin waited until UVB arrived to say that she had changed her mind and would not give an interview. So she ran. Why was it that important not to answer UVB's questions? Read More...

Interview: Col. Roy Gray, Candidate EP # 1.

A newcomer to the El Paso political scene, Roy Gray is seeking the office of City Representative District # 1. Gray brings over 30 years of service in the military and a expressed "difference" to Susan Austin's record. Upon hearing that Austin would not hold meetings; Gray had an instant dislike of her style. He plans to offer a willingness to listen to the people and hold meetings as was the custom before Austin.

District # 1 Forum in Upper Valley

As scheduled Austin, Lilly and Schecter showed up for a forum... not a "debate". Gray surprised residents by sneaking in. Read More...

Proposed Anthony Casino: Final Installment.

It sounds great to some valley residents. A shiny new casino means jobs, right? The problem is that no one is guaranteeing anything and those opposed claim that the county will actually lose money..

Race Track Family Fun.

Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino held one of the big races of the year. The Winstrar Derby was the draw but, there were many different ways to have fun.... even for the kids. Some stayed inside playing the slots religiously. Others got plenty of sun in sunland. Read More...

Rio Grande Running Full This Year

The snow is still accumulating on the tips of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains... but the dams are opening and water is flowing.

Truck Bursts into Flames

Another strange vehicle accident occured on Westside Road. A 2001 Ford Truck ended up in an irrigation ditch near an old Cottonwood tree.

Vehicle Crashes into Bridge.

Yet another single vehicle accident occured at the corner of North Desert and Artcraft. The late model compact truck crashed into the wall. Read More...

Tangerine Dreams.

Subtle... like a Monet. There was no tension... no drama. Instead an etherial entrance to the bridge over the rainbow. Enlarge Photo

Calendar Notes


Anthony City Hall: 401 Oak St. Weekdays-8:30-4:30
Canutillo Elementary 651 Canutillo Weekdays-8:30-4:30
Courthouse 501 E. San Antonio Weekdays 8 - 5
Former Elodias Fashions 5410 N. Mesa Weekdays 9-6 Sat 10-6
Promenade Strip Mall 7500 N. Mesa #316 Weekdays 9-6 Sat 10-6
Vinton Fire Station 510 E. Vinton Road Weekdays 3-6

Canutillo ISD Pre-K Registration for Ages 4-5

CElementary School 651 Canutillo 4/26 9:am - 2:pm, 4/27 2:pm-6:pm
Jose Damian 6300 Strahan 5/2 2:pm-6:pm, 5/3 1:pm-4:pm 877-7655
Bill Childress 7700 Cap Carter Rd. 5/3 9:am-2:pm, 5/4 2:pm-6:pm 5/5 9:am-2:pm, 877-7700
Deanna Davenport 8401 Remington 5/11 9:am-2:pm, 5/12 2:pm-6:pm , 886-6405

Children must be four (4) years old by September 1, 2005 to qualify.
Students new to Canutillo ISD must register.
Students who attended Pre-K in CISD last year are already registered.
Parent or guardian must provide a personal identification card,
proof of residence and income verification; also needed will be
the child’s birth certificate, shot record, and social security card.  
Please pass this information on to your neighbors.

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