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Spring Sunset
Opinion: Bet on Beto O'Rourke for District # 8.

Has Cobos distinguished himself as a leader? What reasons do we have to keep him? Beto O'Rourke is unproven as a City Representative but this guy is a Blue Chip'er... best not let him get away. Read More...

Interview: Anthony Cobos: Incumbent # 8.

After a blissful first term without too many Upper Valley folk to bother him Anthony Cobos woke up in his second term on the same stage as Susan Austin and caught an earful in the process. He is a young affable businessman with two kids. He has a sense of the dynamics of politics as evident by his being elected Mayor Pro-Tem. By some accounts, though, that is not a great honor. He has been through some of the land-use issues and want to be around to finish them up.

Interview: Beto O'Rourke Candidate EP # 8.

He has politics in his blood. O'rourke, is the son of the late Pat O'Rourke, former County Judge. Is he just another rich kid riding the coat tails of his late father. A degree in Enlish Literature, a jump into the hi-tech field in New York, and... he came back. What makes Beto tick? Read More...

Early Voting Gets Started

Volunteers were out in force... well barely, on the first day of early voting.

La Union Streets Almost Done.

Traffic is getting back to normal... well, better than normal around La Union. The road construction has been ever present for years. Read More...

Tangerine Dreams.

Subtle... like a Monet. There was no tension... no drama. Instead an etherial entrance to the bridge over the rainbow. Enlarge Photo

Calendar Notes


Anthony City Hall: 401 Oak St. Weekdays-8:30-4:30
Canutillo Elementary 651 Canutillo Weekdays-8:30-4:30
Courthouse 501 E. San Antonio Weekdays 8 - 5
Former Elodias Fashions 5410 N. Mesa Weekdays 9-6 Sat 10-6
Promenade Strip Mall 7500 N. Mesa #316 Weekdays 9-6 Sat 10-6
Vinton Fire Station 510 E. Vinton Road Weekdays 3-6

Canutillo ISD Pre-K Registration for Ages 4-5

CElementary School 651 Canutillo 4/26 9:am - 2:pm, 4/27 2:pm-6:pm
Jose Damian 6300 Strahan 5/2 2:pm-6:pm, 5/3 1:pm-4:pm 877-7655
Bill Childress 7700 Cap Carter Rd. 5/3 9:am-2:pm, 5/4 2:pm-6:pm 5/5 9:am-2:pm, 877-7700
Deanna Davenport 8401 Remington 5/11 9:am-2:pm, 5/12 2:pm-6:pm , 886-6405

Children must be four (4) years old by September 1, 2005 to qualify.
Students new to Canutillo ISD must register.
Students who attended Pre-K in CISD last year are already registered.
Parent or guardian must provide a personal identification card,
proof of residence and income verification; also needed will be
the child’s birth certificate, shot record, and social security card.  
Please pass this information on to your neighbors.

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