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Exclusive: West NIle Virus Detected in Upper Valley.

Health Department traps net mosquitos tested and proven to have the West Nile Virus in the Upper Valley. Yet, no news release. Read More...

Tribute: Memorial Day 2005

Honor our fallen with deeds worthy of their bravery. Read More...

"Polo with a Purpose": Scores $75,000 Hit.

Tarahumara Polo hosted the 8th annual fund raising event for American Cancer Society during a recent heat wave. The Upper Valley helped "cool" the event near La Union, NM to a managable 100 degrees. Tommy Lee Jones, riding for the San Saba Polo Team canceled but the players, horses and crowd contributed to a memorable event. Story and photos in upcoming June issue of Upper Valley Living Magazine Online. Upper Valley Living

Opinion: Lilly & Cook Get Late Endorsement.

On May 7th, it was time for a change. It still is. Ann Lilly is right for Westside/Upper Valley... John Cook better than Wardy.. Read More...

Opinion: US Exporting Non-Voting Democracy?

The figures were somewhere in the teens overall and 13% on the westside and Upper Valley. We should be fighting for our own democracy. Read More...

Opinion: Austin Can't Wait to Take Gloves Off.

Susan Austin has been behaving herself or at least keeping the muzzle on the last few months. Watch out if she gets re-elected. Read More...

Opinion: Buying Elections not Patriotic.

Buying elections is about as patriotic an act as was the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. Read More...

Guest Column: John Cook for Mayor... Why?

John Cook has gained, as has Ann Lilly, the endorsement of Ric Schecter, former candidate in El Paso, District # 1City Representative. Schecter, has attempted to work with both Cook and Wardy. Differences?

Border Violence Not Aimed Only at Women.

When asked about the how safe she felt going across the border to Cd. Juarez; a past valley resident, now living in Kohl, Germany, remarked that in Juarez women are not the only ones killed. Read More...

Article: Will We Be Able to Get Food?

We will reach Peak Oil production soon. Brace yourselves. Read More...

Steers Give Cowboys Handful.

Cowboys and their horses keep the tradition alive.

Scientology Bus Lands in El Paso.

Stressed? Who isn't. Tent set up to help.

Boy... It's Getting Hot.... er, I mean Cold.

The May Edition of Upper Valley Living Magazine Online pointed out that it was a very cool start to May with evening temperatures on Mother's Day near 70 in the valley. Then we hit all-time record highs in El Paso & Las Cruces. 105 degrees in Las Cruces beat the old high for May by 4 degrees. Now were back to 70's???? It's been an eventful climatic year.

I Hear that Train a Cum'n.

The history of the train in the Upper Valley is long and colorful. For many Upper Valley residents its a nusance that you just have to get used to. More next edition.

Upper Valley Living - May Issue.

SPECIAL: In honor of 60th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe) WWII B-17 & B-24 Bombers and other War Eagles; Cut Your Heating Bills: Passive Solar Architectur; Siesta Time; Interview with Former CEO of Thomason Hospital, Pete Duarte; More Poppies from Eastside of Franklins. Upper Valley Living Magazine Online. Upper Valley Living

Calendar Notes

Election 2005: June 4th. Anyone Can Vote.

You don't have to have voted in the primary.

Get Out the Vote on June 4th.

Art Lewis' Birthday Jam 2005

La Viña Winery on Hiway 28 will again hold the Blues' legends annual birthday jam along with the Cincinnati Band, one of Art's recent bands.

Guitarist John Peterson will help Art Lewis direct the jam session. Also performing will be former members of his longtime band The Earthmen, including drummer Ace Patterson. Kat Crosby, a great vocalist, will be featured guest musician. >p>All professional musicians and advanced students are invited to... well, make some jam.

Tickets for Art Lewisí Birthday Jam 2005 are $10.
12 noon to 6 p.m.
Sunday, May 29 at La Viña Winery
Hiway 28, between Gadsten High School and La Union, NM.

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