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Photo: Brax - VPC

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HS Football - Mariachi Madness Sizzles!

Season Ending Performance by Mariachi Frontera Thrills Crowd...


It's Baaaaccckkkk. "Lost" at the Maze.

The La Union Maze is ready to open. Are you ready for some real family fun?

Rains Soak Everything.... Hay Too.

The recent rains have played havoc with the alfalfa... Read More...

Gas Price Gouging in the Valley?

Prices jumped over 50 cents in one day.

Prevention Not Enough.

The City/County Health Department continues to promote a "prevention" model of community health with respect to West NIle Virus and now the second mosquitoe borne viral threat Western Equine Encep... Read More...

Eagles Soar on Swift Feet.

The Canutillo Eagles football team got with the winning way and stampede the Mustangs of El Paso Burges.

Tigers Outlast Warriors.

In what was a hard fought battle between Hot Springs, NM and Santa Teresa, NM; there were plenty of fireworks.

Franklin Out Claws Stubborn Gadsten.

Deep into the 2nd period the score was tied 7-7. The home team fans at Gadsten were delirious...

Valley's Own Community Scholars.

The Community Scholars program which has been providing leadership and expert research skills to area students for years, accepted 3 Canutillo High School Students into their summer intern program.

The American Flag Still Flies Proudly.

There is reason to be concerned, ashamed and embarassed, but we Americans still can...

Summer Officially Ends: Can't You Tell?!?

The end of summer and the Autumnal Equinox occur at about 6:00 P.M. today yet with near record heat it will be another week before...


CISD's Best of the Year.

The Canutillo Independent School District has selected two teachers as "Techers of the Year". Susan Smith was selected for the elementary level and Rogers was selected TOY for the high school level. Read More...

Rio Grande Gets Ready for Hybernation.

Last irrigation dates coming soon for valley farmers and residents.


Franklin Mountains Glow at Sunset.

Soon the shadows on the Franklin Mountains will change shape... Read More...

Child Labor Issue on Border.

Physicians are concerned about

Mexican Gas Prices Low Enough.

A repeat of the cycle has begun. Just as in the late 70's when gasoline was $.40 cheaper... Read More...

Pat Robertson Needs Therapy or a Gag..

Imagine the effect on a nation that is supposed to be about freedom and liberty, when a prominent TV evangalist calls for assasination. Read More...

FEMA's Brown Resigns: It's a Start.

As we previously outlined the blueprint for disaster that was supposed to have been a rescue mission of monumental proportion...

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