March 2006 Vol 3.3
Battle to Save Wildwood Canyon Ends... Badly.
UPDATE: ENDORSEMENT - Rick Olivo. April 6th 2006.

Rick Olivo gets the nod for County Commissioner # 4. Education, intelligence and understanding of the job make Olivo a clear winner. We were astonished at the inadequate background, mangement skills and responses to our questions by opponent Laurie Searls. See "Runoff" below.
UPDATE: O'Donnell Endorsement Won by Fraud.

We endorsed Dr. Lorraine O'Donnell for State Rep. # 78 based upon her ability to clean up an ethically contaminated Texas Capitol. Not reporting $75,000 by far-right supporter is contrary to her response to our questions.

Think Snow!!! Rio Grande Needs Water. March 28th, 2006.

Since we ran the first "Think Snow" alert in January, 2006 the snow accumulation has soared from a frightening 8% of the annual snow pack. Implications for this year...
Election 2006: Runoff April 11th *VOTE*

November's election line-up is a bit more clear. The Republican State Representative # 78 is finally official but the Democratic County Commissioner # 4 race is still unclear.
Wildwood Canyon's Rescue Falls Short.

After months of legal uncertainty, Wildwood Canyon near Westwind Drive is being destroyed in order to create a residential development. City's flawed approval blamed.
Resler Canyon Dedication Ushers in New Era.

Under a bright winter sun, Resler Canyon officially became the Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve at Resler Canyon.
Canutillo teacher named Big Brother of the Year

Kenneth Cooper teacher/coach at Canutillo Elementary School, was selected from over 300 mentors as Big Brother of the Year by Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of El Paso.
Anapara Make-Over Complete: Rio Grande Cleaned.

For months Anapara has undergone a community make-over that included sprucing up the town then a new coat of paint.
Congressman Pierce Makes Upper Valley Rounds.

After attending a meeting of the Anthony/Vinton Economic Development Council Congressman Steven Pierce visited the Women’s Intercultural Center in Anthony.
Dangerous McNutt Road Expansion Finished.

With a great deal of fanfare; the HyperBorder forum provided an atmospher of exploration.
Dangerous Intersection Claims New Victims.

More than once in recent weeks has the intersection of Mesa & North Desert (I-10) claimed more victims. The wrecked vehicles usually end up in the same spot.
Landfill Meets the Needs.

Pending permit renewal for Camino Real Landfill faces community and mayoral outcry. Regional landfill is not the same "dump" that was...
Media Blackout: Immigration Bill Protests.

Before the recent video footage of huge protests in Los Angeles, few images or news of previous protests were covered.
Letters to the Editor.

Keep on sending in your thoughts, suggestions and complaints... and if we missed something-tell us about it. Zip it to us. Read More...
Winteresque Sunset Flame.

Winter always brings us some rare and unusual sunset vistas.


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