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Petunias have great color... but, there's something so special about the sheen of pansies.
Photo: Brax VPC
Pansy Keeps Winter at Bay with Vivid Color.
Winter time is still a time to visit your friends... or a trip to the store for pollen.
Photo: Brax VPC

Y ou may think that pansies are puny and fragil but, nothing could be further from the truth. Pansies are no pushover. Pansies tough it out through the toughest winter chill.

It is hard to believe that here in the desert Southwest you can find such floral beauty during the winter. But, it's true. The pansy comes in so many colors and the great things is that they are all bright and vivid and with great contrast. And don't forget the little face that can be seen in their dramatic markings.
Velvety smooth and colors as deep as a dark desert sky.
Photo: Brax VPC

Wouldn't it be great to have beautiful flowers all winter long... without the use of an expensive greenhouse? Well, the so called puny pansy can persevere through some of the harshest climates in our region and plump right back into glorious shape when the snow and frigid temperatures receed.

What is even more impressive is that the pansy will survive... indeed, thrive... in the Upper Valley even when the temperatures drop to around almost 20 degrees below freezing.

Under the harshest conditions it is best to cover the pansy with a bucket, box or plastic during the coldest nights. And when the sun beams the next morning the pansy will be right there beaming back.
Full bouquet of pansies make the most impressive welcome sign.
Photo: File - VPC

Given that the word pansy is often associated with a weakling... it is hard to imagine a more ill fitting stereotype for this mighty mini.

This is the flower that will keep your doorway, garden, walkway and patio full of magnificent color from October to May in the valley and from November to April closer to the mountain.

Prepared by WestsideReader staff.
(Photos: Brax - Valley Publishing Company)

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