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Shakira as rarely seen... on her back, is usually writhing and gyrating her body as she belts out the melodies.
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Shakira! Double-features are Big Hits.
Shakira thrilled the crowds on two nights at the "Don"... UTEP's Special Events Center.
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W hen it comes to entertainment it's hard to get more visual, kinesthetic and harmonic in one place than the Shakira shows this week at the Don. Promoting her recently launched "The Sun Comes Out" tour, Shakira put all of her multiple talents on display as she molded every molecule in the Don to conform to her "Laws of Nature" and dazzled everyone of her thousands of fans and admirers.

El Paso was fortunate enough to get a double-dip of Shakira as she performed two shows and as expected the shows were nearly sold out since she hasn't appeared in El Paso since 2006.

Shakira uses her dancing and singing talents to concoct a powerful and mesmerizing spell upon her audiences. But although she throws her hips on stage in more directions than most people can count and dresses in very sexy and revealing outfits... it all seems to fit the "jungle girl - nina salvaje" style of this Columbia songstress. In fact her presentation takes music to a new level because she puts all of her heart, body and soul into every note and step.
Shakira plays the gypsy, angel and devil all in one.
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Speaking of steps... Shakira doesn't use shoes on stage... and dances like an indiginous temptress at a native ceremony. And as for the shoes, she set up a foundation 15-years ago called Barefoot Foundation to promote the need for education in Columbia to lift the poor and shoeless children out of poverty and poor health.

Watching her perform you get the feeling that she almost wants to perform nude or near nude as the clothing just gets in the way. But, her "nudeness" would not have anything lewd or seedy of a stipper. It would transcend the petty neurotic obsession of most Americans with nudity. And much like Bono of U2; Shakira uses the world stage as her oyster to promote betterment of the children and education in particular.

One Laptop Per Child, a global social activism non-profit organization gave Shakira their Internet for Peace Award last month for her work for the educational needs of children in Columbia and elsewhere.

Prepared by WestsideReader staff.

(Photos: Brax - Valley Publishing Company)

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