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Dia de Los Muertos is Special Day in the El Paso Borderland.   Image: File - VPC
Dia de Los Muertos: Day of Remerbance and Renewal.

D ia de los Muertos... Day of the Dead... is a holiday and a religious holy day in the Hispanic culture. The essence is for remembering the nature of life. Quiet a paradox. But, death is the crucial element that makes life... well, precious... i.e. life... worth living. We never know when the final gun will sound.

In this case the opposite reaffirms the basis. If life were eternal... in the physical form... then we would perceive and experience life differently. The philosophy of "Mañana" would be onmipresent. But, we DON'T have all the time in the world. We can only do so much and we have to choose.

Each one of our friends or family that have died... have reaffirmed the nature of life... by leaving permanently from this earth... they whisper... "You don't have time to waste".

Imagine life without death and you may think about having loved ones that have passed on back with you... and how you would smother them with love... perhaps the love that you couldn't or wouldn't express when they were here with you.

Regardless, there are plenty of events to attend and to greet old and new friends... and enjoy... make that celebrate life... as you pay respects to death.

Prepared by WestsideReader staff.

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